Version 1.2.0 Released!

Hi all!

We just released an update (v1.2.0) to The Infinite Storm which includes:

  • Major fixes for ramps: Ramps that were previously impossible to climb are now very easily climbed.
  • Shortening of the maze: The maze is shorter (height-wise) so you can better see the goal.
  • Background music lengthening: The background music has been extended from 11 seconds to over 2 minutes long, so it's less repetitive!
  • Add upfront help screen: Show controls to game at start.
  • Add intermittent game title on start cutscene.

This should be the last update for a while!

Kitsch Digital


Windows Version (v1.2.0) 38 MB
Aug 01, 2019
Linux Version (v1.2.0) 68 MB
Aug 01, 2019
macOS Version (v1.2.0) 40 MB
Aug 01, 2019

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